They Both Die At End PDF: Exploring Life, Death, and Human Connection

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“They Both Die At End PDF” is a poignant novel by Adam Silvera that delves into the intricacies of life, death, and the profound connections we forge with others. Set in a world where individuals receive a Death-Cast notification on the day they will die, the story follows the journey of two teenagers, Mateo and Rufus, who form an unlikely bond on their final day alive.

Name of PDFThey Both Die At End
 No Pages262
AuthorAdam Silvera
PublishedSeptember 5, 2017
 GenresNovels, Young adult literature, LGBT literature
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Plot Summary

Mateo and Rufus, the two protagonists, receive the dreaded Death-Cast call informing them of their imminent demise. Struggling with the weight of their impending deaths, they connect through an app called Last Friend, which pairs people who are facing the same fate for one last adventure. As they embark on a journey to live a lifetime in a single day, they confront their deepest fears, forge meaningful connections, and ultimately discover the true essence of living.

Themes Explored

“They Both Die At End” explores profound themes that resonate with readers on a deeply emotional level. At its core, the novel grapples with the concepts of mortality and the meaning of life. Through Mateo and Rufus’s experiences, the story prompts readers to contemplate their own existence and the legacy they leave behind.

Friendship and human connection emerge as central themes, illustrating the transformative power of genuine relationships. Despite their initial differences, Mateo and Rufus find solace and companionship in each other, highlighting the importance of empathy, compassion, and understanding.

The novel also emphasizes the significance of taking risks and living in the moment. In the face of certain death, Mateo and Rufus embrace the opportunity to seize the day, challenging societal norms and embracing the beauty of life’s fleeting moments.

Character Analysis

Mateo is portrayed as a cautious and introspective young man who has always lived within the confines of his comfort zone. Faced with his own mortality, he undergoes a profound transformation, confronting his fears and embracing the unknown. Throughout the novel, Mateo’s journey serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of personal growth.

Rufus, on the other hand, is depicted as a rebellious and impulsive teenager grappling with his troubled past. Despite his tough exterior, Rufus harbors deep emotional wounds, which are gradually unveiled as the story unfolds. Through his interactions with Mateo and other characters, Rufus learns to confront his demons and find redemption in the unlikeliest of places.

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Impact and Reception

“They Both Die At End” has garnered widespread critical acclaim and resonated deeply with readers around the world. Critics praise Silvera’s masterful storytelling and poignant exploration of complex themes, while readers commend the novel for its emotional depth and relatable characters. Many have lauded the book for its ability to provoke introspection and inspire meaningful conversations about life, death, and human connection.

Author’s Message

Adam Silvera’s “They Both Die At End” is more than just a story; it is a powerful meditation on the human experience. Through Mateo and Rufus’s journey, Silvera imparts a profound message about the importance of living life to the fullest, cherishing every moment, and embracing the connections that define us. At its core, the novel serves as a poignant reminder to seize the day and make the most of the time we have.


In conclusion, “They Both Die At End” is a captivating novel that transcends the boundaries of genre and leaves a lasting impact on its readers. With its heartfelt storytelling, richly drawn characters, and thought-provoking themes, the book invites readers to contemplate the fragility of life and the beauty of human connection. Through the lens of Mateo and Rufus’s journey, readers are reminded of the profound power of friendship, the inevitability of death, and the importance of embracing every moment with open arms.

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FAQs about They Both Die At End PDF

Is “They Both Die At End” a standalone novel, or is it part of a series?

“They Both Die At End” is a standalone novel, meaning it is not part of a series. However, Adam Silvera has written several other novels that explore similar themes of love, loss, and human connection.

What age group is “They Both Die At End” suitable for?

The novel is generally recommended for young adult readers aged 14 and above due to its mature themes and content.

Does “They Both Die At End” have a film adaptation?

As of now, there is no film adaptation of “They Both Die At End.” However, there have been discussions about potential adaptations in the future.

Are there any trigger warnings for “They Both Die At End”?

Yes, the novel contains themes of death, grief, and existential angst, which may be triggering for some readers. It is advisable to approach the book with caution if these topics are sensitive for you.

What sets “They Both Die At End” apart from other young adult novels?

One of the unique aspects of “They Both Die At End” is its premise of a world where people receive a notification of their impending death. This adds a unique twist to the traditional coming-of-age narrative, prompting readers to contemplate existential questions and appreciate the value of life.

Do Mateo and Rufus kiss?

Mateo grabs Rufus’s hand, leads him offstage, and kisses him.

Is They Both Die at the End boring?

The writer emphasize a lot in details that, in my point of view, weren’t relevant at all; That made me feel so bored while reading and made the book so hard to read

Is They Both Die at the End an LGBT story?

The novel They Both Die at the End is a work of LGBT fiction